Living Room Lecture Series

HGSA Living Room Lectures  2014-15

The Living Room Lectures are a chance for graduate students of the HGSA to share their ideas about their project, a potential conference paper, a working chapter, or a lecture in an informal setting in front of a friendly crowd. It is also good for others, who get to enjoy some food and bevies while listening to the interesting and dynamic ideas of their colleagues.

We would like to host 2-3 speakers per session, for one session in the fall and 2 in the winter term. Speakers are welcome to present a paper or chapter, or give a short lecture. Presentations should be approximately 20 minutes long. Dates and times of the series will depend on the schedules of the presenters.

Contact V.P. Academic Nicole Marion ( for more information or if you would like to be one of our featured speakers.


Fall Semester 2014

TBA–November 2014

Winter Semester 2015

TBA–February and April 2015

Past Series Presentations:

February 2013:

Theme(s): Rejecting the Mainstream in Historical Perspective

Presenter 1: Jason Charbonneau

Title: “Prophecy, Providence and Politics: Pierre Jurieu andthe petits prophètes, 1686-1692”

Abstract: Seeking to sustain religious practice after the king had dismantledall institutional structures of the French Reformed church, the Huguenotpeasantry of France began to hold clandestine assemblies as forums for laypredication. When preachers turned into prophets, their efforts incited aheated polemical debate that centered on the sources of divine revelation andthe role of human authorities in its mediation. My presentation explores therole of exiled minister Pierre Jurieu in defending the divinity of the prophets on the basis of an outmoded brand of sixteenth-century providential theology, and demonstrates the political implications of his thought asconceived by contemporary Catholic critics.

Presenter 2: Ian Wereley

Title: “The British Back to Coal Movement: The Rise of an EnergySecurity Lobby, 1931-1934.”

Abstract: During the early 1930s, a small but vocal coalition ofBritish industrialists, politicians, and intellectuals formed the Back to CoalMovement, a lobby group seeking to repatriate the nation’s fuel supply. Thecampaign for a return to coal as Britain’s primary source of energy fell onfertile ground during this period of economic and political turmoil, and themovement quickly became Britain’s most active proponent of increased energy andeconomic security.  My presentation willexplore the growth of the Back to Coal Movement, and will draw parallels totoday’s energy security lobbies.

April 2013

Theme(s): Disciplining and Ordering the (Social) Body

Presenter 1: Joel Kropf

Title: “Net-Widening or Non-Coercion? Joseph McCulley, Pickering College, and Progressive Education in Interwar Canada.”

Presenter 2: Guy Massie

Title:  “‘Specially Endowed by Nature’: Bodies, Evolution, and the Natural Order in Tarzan of the Apes”.






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