HGSA Executive, 2015-2016

Your HGSA Executive for 2015-2016

Stuart MacKay, President

Rob Blades, VP Academic

Brad Wiebe, VP Social

Paige McDonald, Secretary/Treasurer
Emily Cuggy, Underhill Colloquium Co-Chair

Emily is in her second year of the MA in Public History program, and is delighted to be co-chairing this year’s Underhill Colloquium. Her current research examines issues of place and memory, focusing on how lost places are re-imagined, reclaimed, and ultimately re-placed through memory.  Using the former Prince Edward Hotel in her hometown of Brandon, Manitoba as a case study, Emily explores how material remnants of the now-demolished hotel have ensured its survival in local memory. When she is not reading, writing, or history-ing, Emily enjoys playing piano, doing puzzles, and watching too much TV. You can follow her on twitter.

Sara McGillivray, Underhill Colloquium Co-Chair

Sara is in her second year of the MA Public History programme, and is thrilled to be co-organising this year’s 22nd Underhill Colloquium. Her research focuses on the impact the television show Downton Abbey has on heritage tourism, English identity, and the conservation of aristocratic country homes and national parks. In addition to organising Underhill, she holds the Garth Wilson Memorial Public History Fellowship with the Museum of Science and Technology. Outside of academia, Sara is an active participant in Model United Nations, having competed at Cornell, McGill, and Harvard’s World Model UN conferences. She also enjoys baking, photography, and is an avid animal rights activist and feminist. You can follow her on twitter.

Ruthanne Edward, Rock Social Co-Coordinator
Natalie Hunter, Rock Social Co-Coordinator
Natalie is in her second year of the MA Thesis stream, and is elated to be co-coordinating the Rock Social this year! Her research focuses on transhistorical communities, centering on a group of creative women in early 20th century Paris and their re-creation of Sappho’s community and poetic gatherings. When not planning parties, she works as a teaching assistant in the Carleton History department and nurtures an interest in antiquity. Outside of school, she enjoys art history, cooking shows, classical music, spy & heist movies, Netflix, and feminism. You can follow her on twitter.

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