The Welcome (back) Museum & Pub Night

Happy (almost) fall!

The HGSA is proud to invite new and returning Carleton History Grad students to our first social event of the year on Thursday, September 3! After a long first week of orientation, TA training, and getting (re)acquainted with the campus, grab your newly made friends and celebrate with a night on the town!

We’ll start off by visiting the Canadian War Museum (admission will be free). For those unfamiliar with the city or OC Transpo a group of us will meet at the History Department lobby for around 5pm and depart by public transportation at 5:20pm sharp to meet with everyone else at the entrance of the museum for 6pm. Towards 7:30-8:00pm we will walk over to the Mill Street Brew Pub together to finish the night off with some beer, food, and fun!

Should you have any questions or concerns you can get a hold of me at 204-250-2334 or

Please stayed tuned for the General Meeting on September 1 where I will give out more info on how we will be running our social events & activities this year. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter, too!

See you all soon!

Your VP Social,


P.S. The Graduate Student Association will also be hosting their own Welcome Weeks activities. You can find the schedule of events here.


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