HGSA BBQ & Pub Night Tomorrow!


The HGSA Annual Welcome (Back) BBQ and Pub Night is finally here! Well, it’s tomorrow. After a long day of TA training and meeting people, a BBQ with your newly made friends followed by a pub night will be the perfect way to cap off your jam-packed day!

It’s supposed to be a hot and humid one tomorrow so hopefully we can find some covered picnic tables. So far we have one camping BBQ so while the burgers might be slow we’ll have plenty of chips and other food! If anyone has another portable BBQ we can use, please let Kathryn or I know! We will also have some key picnicking activities like badminton and Frisbee going. If you have any other lawn games feel free to bring those too!

Also, if you don’t already, maybe get either Kathryn’s or my cell phone number in case you are coming to the BBQ or pub night late. We don’t want a lost history student wandering in Brewer Park or on Bank Street.

I think that’s it for me! Email me if you have any questions!

Your Pres,


Welcome Week Event


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