HGSA Welcome Week!

Hello fellow HGSA-ers! It’s been a while! Welcome Week is now upon us, and your HGSA Exec could not be more excited to give you guys a big welcome (and welcome back) to our history department for another great year!

Here is our schedule for the upcoming orientation week(s):

Carleton History Graduate Students’ Association
Welcome Week Schedule of Events

Tuesday, September 2nd (9:00am-3:00pm)
Grad Orientation Day

Friday, September 5th (all day!)
Department of History TA Training (9:00am- 11:00am)

  •  In the History Lounge, Room 433 Paterson Hall
  • Led by this year’s amazing History TA Mentor, Meghan Lundrigan
  • Pick-up your HGSA welcome package!
  • (This is compulsory for all Teaching Assistants! J )

Departmental Meet & Greet (11:00am-Noon)

  • In the History Lounge, Room 433 Paterson Hall
  • Meet your fellow graduate students and faculty!
  • (Tip: Start thinking of the shortest way to describe your Thesis/MRE research now! It’s something you’ll be doing a lot…)

Departmental Welcome Luncheon (Noon-       )

  • Grab some delicious food and chat with your newly made friends!

HGSA Annual Welcome BBQ (5:30pm- 8:00pm)

  • Come out to Brewer Park (across from Carleton’s campus along Bronson Avenue) for more eating and friend making!
  • There will be a group meeting in the History Lobby at 5pm to make our way over together or you can pop by whenever!

HGSA Pub Night (8:30pm-     )

  • Join us at Patty’s Pub (1186 Bank St) after the BBQ!

Monday, September 8th (11:30pm-2:30pm)
General History Grad Student Orientation

  • In the History Lounge, Room 433 Paterson Hall
  • With introductions by:
  • Your Grad Chair Dr. John Walsh, 2015 Underhill Colloquium reps, GSA reps, CUPE reps as well as your HGSA Exec
  • HGSA Fall General Meeting
    • Learn about what your HGSA does and how you can get involved!

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