Final Living Room Lecture of the Year! Disciplining and Ordering the (Social) Body

The final living room lecture of the semester is scheduled for the evening of next Thursday, April 5th. On this night Ph.D Candidate Joel Knopf and M.A. student Guy Massie will be presenting on their exciting research as it pertains to “Disciplining and Ordering the (Social) Body”. While Joel will be speaking about progressive education in interwar Canada, Guy will be discussing the cultural implications of none other than Tarzan of the Apes! Come, enjoy some snacks, listen and engage at our last living room lecture of the 2011-12 year.

The details are as follows:

Thursday, April 5th 7pm

Theme(s): Disciplining and Ordering the (Social) Body

Presenter 1: Joel Kropf

Title: “Net-Widening or Non-Coercion? Joseph McCulley, Pickering College, and Progressive Education in Interwar Canada.”

Presenter 2: Guy Massie

Title: ”‘Specially Endowed by Nature’: Bodies, Evolution, and the Natural Order in Tarzan of the Apes”.

Venue: The living room of 208 General Avenue  (,+Ottawa,+ON+K1Z+7T8&hl=en&ftid=0x4cce068367b34dc7:0xe59781278320dadb)


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