“Winter Warmer”: HGSA Holiday Social and Film Screening

“Winter Warmer”: HGSA Holiday Social and Film Screening

With the first snow-fall of the year and frost on the ground, winter is finally here. You may have already started day dreaming about hot cider, wool socks, warm fires and time with family and friends.

You may have also begun to wonder about the HGSA holiday party!! After much thought, the HGSA have planned a very superb event to mark this special time of year. It is with pleasure we announce Winter Warmer—an HGSA Holiday social and film screening.  On the evening of Friday December 9th, at a little art gallery in Ottawa South called Arts and Architecture, we will be having a classy holiday party alongside a screening of the film “Sitansisk”. This is an uplifting documentary that explores the “Festival of Lights”, an annual event that takes place in the Wolastuk / Maliseet community of Sitansisk (St. Mary’s First Nation) in New Brunswick. (For more information about the film, visit http://www.goodhearted.ca/films-books/sitansisk).

To help lower the costs of renting the space, etc., we will be selling $4 tickets per person for this event. Please feel free to bring your significant other. HGSA President Jess Dunkin (jdunkin@connect.carl​eton.ca) and first year representative Christina Williamson (cwilli12@connect.carleton.ca) will be selling tickets.

Details of the event are as follows:

Event: Winter Warmer: HGSA Holiday Social and Film Screening

Ticket Price: $4 per person

Date: Friday, December 9th

Time: 8-12pm (Screening: 8:30-9:00)

Venue: Arts and Architecture, 1181 Bank Street (http://maps.google.ca/maps/place?q=arts+and+architecture+1181+Bank+Street&hl=en&cid=1932547579956250481)


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