HIST 5000: FUN

Are you excited for the new school year, historians? Well look no further! We at the HGSA have all your fun here in a neat little syllabus [HIST 5000 – FUN (Syllabus) (1)]. Check it out for dates and events. And make sure to sign up for an event of your own!


The Welcome (back) Museum & Pub Night

Happy (almost) fall!

The HGSA is proud to invite new and returning Carleton History Grad students to our first social event of the year on Thursday, September 3! After a long first week of orientation, TA training, and getting (re)acquainted with the campus, grab your newly made friends and celebrate with a night on the town!

We’ll start off by visiting the Canadian War Museum (admission will be free). For those unfamiliar with the city or OC Transpo a group of us will meet at the History Department lobby for around 5pm and depart by public transportation at 5:20pm sharp to meet with everyone else at the entrance of the museum for 6pm. Towards 7:30-8:00pm we will walk over to the Mill Street Brew Pub together to finish the night off with some beer, food, and fun!

Should you have any questions or concerns you can get a hold of me at 204-250-2334 or bradleywiebe@cmail.carleton.ca.

Please stayed tuned for the General Meeting on September 1 where I will give out more info on how we will be running our social events & activities this year. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter, too!

See you all soon!

Your VP Social,


P.S. The Graduate Student Association will also be hosting their own Welcome Weeks activities. You can find the schedule of events here.

HGSA Fall General Meeting 2015

As summer slowly winds down, our thoughts turn to two things: The amount of work that we haven’t done over the course of the summer, and the HGSA Fall General Meeting!

The HGSA Fall General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 1st at 1:30 PM in the History Lounge. We encourage you all to come to the meeting to meet your 2015-2016 HGSA executive, your CUPE and GSA reps, and to catch up on what people have been doing all summer (rigorous archival research, of course).

Listed below are the available HGSA Representative positions that we will be voting on, along with a short description of duties. It’s fun, a great way to contribute to your CV, and an opportunity to assist in making our department even better.

If you have any question about any of the positions, please email me at stuart.mackay@carleton.ca

All positions report regularly to the HGSA membership, either by email or at general meetings and serve as members of the HGSA community which represents the interests of all graduate students in the department.

1) 1 x First Year M.A. Representative (HGSA EXECUTIVE VOTING POSITION)

This is a voting HGSA Executive position and involves attending all HGSA meetings. The First Year Rep is charged with monitoring and reporting on the concerns of all incoming students, with a particular focus on Master’s students.

2) 2 x Graduate Student Association Representatives

GSA Reps must attend ALL GSA council meetings (monthly). If we attend all meetings the GSA is awarded a stipend by the GSA. Their job, following from the meetings, is to report to the GSA any concerns elevated by the HGSA and to report back to the HGSA on any academic, social or political events which would demand the attention of the executive. . If possible, one position should be held by a Master’s student and the other by a doctoral student.

3) 1 x Canadian Historical Association Representative

The CHA Rep is Carleton’s representative to the Canadian Historical Association. CHA Reps should sign up for the CHA graduate listserv where they are to monitor events and concerns that pass through that list. They should also, if at all possible, plan to attend the annual CHA meeting where they sit at the graduate caucus as the elected Carleton representative charged with bringing any concerns or news to the organization.

4)  1 x History Department Graduate Studies Committee Representatives (one MA and one PhD)

The History Department Graduate Studies Committee Rep’s job is to sit in on all history grad committee meetings (excluding those which concern funding and other matters that are disclaimed as conflicts of interest by the committee). One position is held ex officio by the HGSA’s VP Academic. Both reps must report concerns to the committee that are handed on to them by the HGSA and speak to the committee as members of the HGSA. This position also often involves actively participating in departmental reforms and report building.

5)  1-2 x CUPE Steward

The steward liaises with the executive of CUPE and helps students working under the union contract in the History department understand their rights under the collective agreement.

6)  2 x Departmental Assembly/GAC (Graduate Academic Caucus) (1 MA + 1 PhD)

The departmental assembly reps serve the dual role of attending both departmental faculty meetings and Graduate Academic Caucus meetings. Their role in departmental meetings is to report back to the HGSA on the meetings and to speak to the faculty about what the HGSA is doing, concerns and other relevant information. Their job with GAC meetings is to attend (rotating) and report back to the HGSA on relevant news and reports.

7) 1 x Departmental Communications Committee Representative

The communications committee representative has a seat on the history department’s communications committee, and in that capacity represents the HGSA on issues related to the department’s website, newsletter, and outreach. Ideally, the rep has a basic knowledge of web design. The representative should ensure that graduate student profiles are updated each year by the department on the history department website.
Voting Procedures

All positions listed above, if contested, will be voted on by ballot at the time of the meeting and counted by abstaining members of the HGSA executive (HGSA President and VP Academic). The decision of the general body, and not the counted results, will be delivered at the meeting by announcing the winner’s name and recording the counted result for records. Contestations must be registered immediately, in which case counters must be replaced with alternates and the vote should be taken again immediately.

HGSA General Meeting Winter 2015


With spring (kind of) upon us and the semester coming to an end, it is time for us to elect the new HGSA Executive for the 2015/2016 school year.

The HGSA general meeting and elections will be held on Thursday, April 16th at 10:30 AM in theHistory Lounge. There will be some kind of food and caffeine for all! We encourage you all to come to the meeting and have your say in who will continue on the HGSA!

Listed below are the available HGSA executive positions and a short description of duties. Please take some time to consider running for a position. Chat with your friends, chat with someone on the Exec to learn more about the positions. It’s fun AND looks great on your CV!

If you are interested in running for a position, but cannot make the meeting, please don’t hesitate to send me an email stating which position you’d like to run for. Also provide a small blurb on why you think you’d be good fit. I can read this on your behalf at the election.

If you have any questions just ask! I look forward to seeing you all on April 16th!

Here now is my long, official blurb on the available HGSA positions and the election/meeting more generally:

Represent HGSA and Carleton history graduate students at public events; co-ordinate communication with GSA and CUPE representatives; one seat as GSA council is set ex officio for President

Vice-President (VP) Social-Internal
Organize and promote social and cultural events for members; organize HGSA participation, and encourage history graduate student participation, in departmental and GSA student orientation events.

Vice President (VP) Academic-External
Co-ordinate communication with CHA, departmental and Graduate Studies Committee representatives; represent students as necessary to Graduate Supervisor, Department Chair, Graduate Studies.

Keep records; take minutes of meetings; co-ordinate communication with members and the public; organize fundraising; keep written record of, and report on, finances.

Underhill Colloquium Co-chairs (two positions)
The co-chairs are responsible for organizing the annual Underhill Graduate Student Colloquium hosted by the History Department. They hold meetings and elections for various positions on the colloquium’s organizing committee, plan the programming, panels, and keynote address, and oversee the planning of the colloquium as a whole.

Rock Social Organizers (two positions)
The Rock Social organizer is responsible for planning, producing a budget and making purchases for, and finding a venue to host the annual HGSA end of the year party (sometimes called the Rock Social or History Prom). They may enlist the help of HGSA members in planning and preparing for the event.


Voting Procedures
All positions listed above, if contested, will be voted on by ballot at the time of the meeting and counted by abstaining members of the HGSA executive (HGSA President and VP Academic). The decision of the general body, and not the counted results, will be delivered at the meeting by announcing the winner’s name and recording the counted result for records. Contestations must be registered immediately, in which case counters must be replaced with alternates and the vote should be taken again immediately.

The HGSA may be directed in specific matters by decision of a general meeting.  Between general meetings the Executive is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the HGSA and may take initiatives as required to fulfill the mandate of the HGSA.

General meetings shall be held at least twice a year: one in September (the Fall General Meeting) and one in the winter term (the Winter General Meeting). Additional meetings may be called as needed. Notice of meetings shall be posted at least a week in advance of the meeting.

Quorum for a general meeting is 12 HGSA members. Quorum for an executive meeting is 3 members of the executive.  Decisions at general meetings or executive meetings are by simple majority, except for constitutional amendments. This constitution may be altered by a two-thirds majority vote at a General Meeting. Additional positions​ at Meetings.Notice of consideration of such a decision or any other matters of governance pertaining to the HGSA structure should be posted with the meeting notice at least a week in advance.​

Again, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!
Your pres,


Underhill Money for Graduate Students

At the departmental meeting today (Jan. 30) the Underhill Committee announced that they have funding to assist graduate students with any costs they may encounter in the preparation of their MRE, thesis or dissertation. That could be costs related to the reprinting of images, ATIP fees, or other printing related costs. If you are interested in applying to the Underhill Committee for funding, contact Underhill Committee representative Danielle Kinsey.

HGSA BBQ & Pub Night Tomorrow!


The HGSA Annual Welcome (Back) BBQ and Pub Night is finally here! Well, it’s tomorrow. After a long day of TA training and meeting people, a BBQ with your newly made friends followed by a pub night will be the perfect way to cap off your jam-packed day!

It’s supposed to be a hot and humid one tomorrow so hopefully we can find some covered picnic tables. So far we have one camping BBQ so while the burgers might be slow we’ll have plenty of chips and other food! If anyone has another portable BBQ we can use, please let Kathryn or I know! We will also have some key picnicking activities like badminton and Frisbee going. If you have any other lawn games feel free to bring those too!

Also, if you don’t already, maybe get either Kathryn’s or my cell phone number in case you are coming to the BBQ or pub night late. We don’t want a lost history student wandering in Brewer Park or on Bank Street.

I think that’s it for me! Email me if you have any questions!

Your Pres,


Welcome Week Event

HGSA Welcome Week!

Hello fellow HGSA-ers! It’s been a while! Welcome Week is now upon us, and your HGSA Exec could not be more excited to give you guys a big welcome (and welcome back) to our history department for another great year!

Here is our schedule for the upcoming orientation week(s):

Carleton History Graduate Students’ Association
Welcome Week Schedule of Events

Tuesday, September 2nd (9:00am-3:00pm)
Grad Orientation Day

Friday, September 5th (all day!)
Department of History TA Training (9:00am- 11:00am)

  •  In the History Lounge, Room 433 Paterson Hall
  • Led by this year’s amazing History TA Mentor, Meghan Lundrigan
  • Pick-up your HGSA welcome package!
  • (This is compulsory for all Teaching Assistants! J )

Departmental Meet & Greet (11:00am-Noon)

  • In the History Lounge, Room 433 Paterson Hall
  • Meet your fellow graduate students and faculty!
  • (Tip: Start thinking of the shortest way to describe your Thesis/MRE research now! It’s something you’ll be doing a lot…)

Departmental Welcome Luncheon (Noon-       )

  • Grab some delicious food and chat with your newly made friends!

HGSA Annual Welcome BBQ (5:30pm- 8:00pm)

  • Come out to Brewer Park (across from Carleton’s campus along Bronson Avenue) for more eating and friend making!
  • There will be a group meeting in the History Lobby at 5pm to make our way over together or you can pop by whenever!

HGSA Pub Night (8:30pm-     )

  • Join us at Patty’s Pub (1186 Bank St) after the BBQ!

Monday, September 8th (11:30pm-2:30pm)
General History Grad Student Orientation

  • In the History Lounge, Room 433 Paterson Hall
  • With introductions by:
  • Your Grad Chair Dr. John Walsh, 2015 Underhill Colloquium reps, GSA reps, CUPE reps as well as your HGSA Exec
  • HGSA Fall General Meeting
    • Learn about what your HGSA does and how you can get involved!